Who is Euterpe

Norman Hathaway (President)


Norman graduated with a performance degree from the Faculty of Music, University of Toronto, where he was privileged to study violin with David Zafer, and chamber music with the Orford String Quartet. He has been a member of the Hamilton Philharmonic Orchestra, the Stratford Festival Orchestra, the Toronto Philharmonic Orchestra and most recently the Ontario Philharmonic Orchestra. He was co- concertmaster of the Toronto productions of The Phantom of the Opera and Miss Saigon orchestras and continues to perform regularly. Norman plays viola with Canada’s brilliant, innovative chamber group Ensemble Vivant, hailed as “Canada’s Chamber Music Treasure” (Toronto Star).

Along with Euterpe’s founder and artistic director Catherine Wilson, I am committed to Euterpe’s mission of ensuring that our children and others are exposed to live music. Euterpe plants musical seeds among those who lack the opportunity of experiencing these life enriching performances. It is thrilling to witness first hand the tremendous joy these musical performances create. Indeed, children and others are awakened to the joy of music through these critically important opportunities. I am dedicated to this cause.

Catherine Wilson (Founder and Artistic Director)

bio_catherineAs a concert pianist who performs internationally, now for 3 decades, I have performed for all kinds of audiences in countless locales. In conjunction with concerts as a soloist and with my group, Ensemble Vivant, I have always given outreach performances for students of all ages, and for the elderly. Several years ago I founded Euterpe so that our public school children and others are given the opportunity to be enriched by the joys and benefits of live, interactive musical performances, including classical and jazz, which the vast majority of our youth today are not exposed to. I know how much music has enriched my own life, and I have personally witnessed the tremendous joy that our music gives others. My doctoral research corroborates the importance of this mission and parallels the tangible responses and reactions we receive from children and others wherever Euterpe musicians perform. Euterpe is making a difference and I am passionately dedicated to ensuring that more and more children and others have the chance to benefit from our music.


Bob Weir (Director)

bob-weirBob has been a board member of Euterpe since its founding. He is currently Assistant Vice President of Canada Life Assurance in the Reinsurance Division. Bob has also served as President of the Canadian Institute of Underwriters, as Contributing Editor of On the Risk and as Curriculum Coordinator with The Academy of Life Underwriting.  Bob was fortunate to grow up in a musical family (his father was a professional musician), which exposed him to different types of music. Bob was also fortunate to be active in his high school music program which gave him the foundation to later make his mark as a bass player in Toronto’s jazz scene. Bob continues to actively perform with various jazz groups. Through his own experience Bob understands the important role that music can play in one’s life and enthusiastically supports the aims of Euterpe’s efforts.


Dwayne G. White (Director)

Dwayne earned his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from University of Toronto. During his time at U of T he was a reporter at The Varsity, University of Toronto’s Newspaper. This experience has trained him in effective communication and time management skills. Dwayne joined Euterpe’s Board in 2014 and serves as its Director of Communications.

Why Dwayne joined Euterpe: “I am committed to community service, and there is no better cause than enriching young minds with music, free of charge. It is with great pride that I contribute my expertise to this cause: to create awareness of the tremendous benefit music has on the minds of young people.”

Dr. Roger Sarty (Director)

Roger has been a board member of Euterpe since the organization was founded. A professor of Canadian Military History at Wilfrid Laurier University and the author of several books and articles, Roger is also Chairman of the Council for Canadian Security in the 21st Century and editor of The Northern Mariner, published by the Canadian Nautical Research Society in association with the North American Society for Oceanic History. Growing up Roger was surrounded by music and played the trumpet at school, in the Northlandia Concert Band, and in the Buster Brown Big Band, which was founded by his father, Glenn Sarty, a renowned former CBC executive producer. Having been nurtured by music throughout his formative and teen years, Roger has always recognized how beneficial his background in music was for his academic studies and for his profession as an internationally renowned Canadian historian and author. Roger is a staunch supporter of everything Euterpe stands for and is dedicated to furthering Euterpe’s noble efforts throughout Canada.

Esther Barlow (Director)

Esther is Euterpe’s Corporate Lawyer. In her desire to be part of an active and very important charitable organization associated with the arts, Esther recognized the invaluable work being done by Euterpe for children in communities throughout the nation. She is very pleased to be a Euterpe board member.

Dr. Charles Daellenback, O.C. (Honorary Board Member)

Chuck Daellenbach has brought music, imagination and humour internationally through his world renowned group The Canadian Brass since the group was formed in 1970. He has played a key role in all of the group’s ground- breaking projects. Chuck comes from a long line of German and Swiss musicians and, during his upbringing in Wisconsin, his father gave him daily music lessons. After earning a Ph.D. at the age of 25 from the Eastman School of Music, Chuck headed north to teach at the Music Faculty at the University of Toronto. Possibly the most recognized tuba player in the world, having appeared on over 100 recordings, Chuck has performed with many of the greatest musicians and conductors of the last 40 years. Among his various projects is a series of 200 brass works published by Hal Leonard, many accompanied by CDs, played by music students around the world. He is President of Canadian Brass Publishing as well as Opening Day Entertainment Group, the group’s recording label.

Chuck is pleased to be an Honorary Board Member of Euterpe, which echoes his own views and philosophy about the importance of music and its enriching benefits for people of all ages, with the ideal being to begin this journey of life-enrichment at the earliest ages.

Rick Wilkins, C.M. (Honorary Board Member)

Rick Wilkins, C. M.,has been steeped in music since early childhood and began his musical career in Toronto in 1957. A Canadian jazz legend, Rick has written countless arrangements and original scores for numerous artists, from Oscar Peterson, The Boss Brass, Oliver Jones, Guido Basso, Peter Appleyard, Anne Murray, Moe Koffman, Ensemble Vivant and many more. He has conducted his charts with The National Arts Centre Orchestra, The Calgary Philharmonic and Toronto Symphony Orchestras and many more. As a saxophonist, Rick has appeared as a soloist with many artists including The Boss Brass, Phil Nimmons, Ed Bickert and many other renowned artists. He has travelled internationally extensively with his music. Rick has been a passionate supporter of Euterpe’s mission since the organization’s inception, and is very pleased to be an Honorary Board Member of this vitally important organization and all it has done and continues to do for children and others in Canadian communities.

Dr. Laurel Trainor (Honorary Board Member)

PhD, Professor of Psychology, Neuroscience and Behaviour, McMaster University. Dr. Laurel Trainor is the founding director of the McMaster Institute for Music and the Mind (MIMM). She is also the Director of MIMM and of the LIVELab at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario. She has done groundbreaking neuroscience research on musical development in children and infants and her research spans perceptual, cognitive, and social aspects of pitch and rhythm. Dr. Trainor’s endorsement of Euterpe: “The wonderful interactive high-caliber performances of classical and jazz music that Euterpe brings to our children and youth are of vital importance for planting the seeds of music in our lives and putting people on a path to be enriched by the benefits of music.” Dr. Trainor is pleased to be an honorary board member of Euterpe and to have an ongoing collaboration with this vitally important organization.